Monday, January 17, 2011

Snippets: A Few GIs More

This is probably stale news, but reportedly, last November, the famed Surat Zari was granted a GI. The grant was subsequently notified in the GI Journal No. 31 (I could call it ‘GI Jo’) under Rule 41 of the GI Rules, which mandates publication to invite opposition to the grant of a GI.

Zari generally refers to metal embroidery on garments in combination with yarn and silk or cotton. The application was filed by 5 manufacturing associations representing Surat Zari. The craft has been practiced in Surat predominantly by the Rana Community. It is believed that 1.5 lakh people derive their livelihood directly or indirectly from this industry.

In addition to Zari, the famed Guntur Sannam Chilli too has been granted a GI. In all, the grant of 194 GIs was notified in the December GI Journal.

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