Sunday, June 24, 2012

Social Networking beyond Networking

Social Networks are beyond posts, likes, notes, tags, albums and akin. As evident, they’ve become an excellent platform for those who wish to promote their brands, work, et al. This having been said, it is necessary to look at some more implications- What happens when a user at such a website posts content such as videos that in fact are someone else’s work of authorship? 

I have been thinking of the implications of my own postings for some time now- While I remember old songs and think I must remind these long lost ones to friends who share the mutual love, I wonder about the unauthorized display and distribution at my end. 

A question that almost instantly comes to mind is whether making a video available on a platform like YouTube lead to an implied consent to share it further down the line? The answer may be a yes and a no. Yes, because so long as sharing the work merely promotes and aids the commercial interests of the author, he may not really have reasons to complain. No, because the author in fact may desire for his work to remain only on one medium, for any reason whatsoever. 

I wonder what the balancing metaphor is. Like the four-factor test, is it usurpation of commercial benefit, or, the violation of moral rights? Is the possibility or option to take down a determinate to the possible violation of one’s rights? It would be lovely to hear from other social networking enthusiasts on what their views are!

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