Sunday, August 5, 2012

DST -Lockheed Martin India Innovation Growth Program

I stumbled on to what seems like an amazing opportunity for budding Indian innovators who wish to showcase their innovation and implement it in real time- the DST-Lockheed Martin Indian innovation Growth Program, which as the name suggests has the Department of Science of Technology, Govt. of India as one of its key partners, besides FICCI and University of Texas IC2.

According to the official website, the objective of the Program is to accelerate the launch of early-stage Indian technologies into the global market place. The list of areas of innovation which are covered under the Program is available here.

The top applicants to the Program who will be selected through a competitive process will receive the following benefits: 
  1.  Attendance at an Entrepreneurial Workshop focused on technology commercialization.
  2. A detailed Quick Look© technology commercialization strategy and recommendations report prepared by the IC2 Institute. Participation in an Indian Technology Expo. 
  3. Automatic enrolment in the DST - Lockheed Martin Innovator Competition, judged by an international panel of technology and business experts. Awards will be granted for the top prospects for commercialization in the coming year.

Also, according to the website- “The Gold Medal winners from the DST - Lockheed Martin Innovator Competition will be invited to work with commercialization experts from FICCI and IC2 Institute to pursue appropriate business engagements in the U.S., India and other global markets.”

The compendium of technologies selected between 2007 and 2011 is available here. The list of top 30 winners for 2012 is available here

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