Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Back After a Longish Hiatus from Blogging

First things first- since the year’s barely 3 weeks old, I think it isn’t too late to wish all our readers a very Happy and Prosperous New Year! May we remain restless and relentless in our pursuit of knowledge and may we never know complacence!

It’s been over 3 months since I blogged on anything connected to IP. In fact, the number of posts I wrote last year was less than half of what I had written in the year before. This wasn’t due to paucity of blog-worthy material. On the contrary, the final quarter of 2013 was replete with significant developments in the Indian IP landscape. It so happened that this was a particularly hectic period for me professionally and personally, which largely explains my longish break from blogging.

During this break, I also dabbled in non-IP writing on a different forum to broaden my horizons and move beyond pure legal analysis. Keeping with this sentiment, I intend to widen the scope of this blog by writing on both IP and non-IP related legal issues, with IP remaining my area of primary focus for obvious reasons. The eternal optimist that I am, I hope to write consistently this year and engage with our readers on a regular basis. Readers are welcome to suggest potential areas and topics for posts. 


  1. I follow your writing and was wondering when I will see more from you. I dabble in blogging myself, and based on my experience, and to keep your SEO rankings higher (so that it is easy for readers to find your blog), my suggestion to you will be that you strictly write on IP issues (or relating issues) only on this blog. You may have a different one for more general legal issues.

    1. Thanks Rajeev! I agree with your suggestion.


  2. Happy New Year 2014 to you Sai ! Waited long for your return!