Friday, July 1, 2011

Stale News: Kurian’s Farewell Gift to Trademark Applicants

Mr.P.H.Kurian, whose resignation from the post of the Controller General of the IP Office we had blogged on a few weeks ago, is yet to be relieved of his duties. Looks like he has decided to make the most of the precious little time he has on his hands to cleanse the IP Office of graft. Here’s another gem of a public notice from him dated June 23,2011.

In this notice, he cautions trademark Applicants from being mis-guided by “certain officials” of the Trademark registry who promise gullible members of the public with expeditious processing of their applications. In the notice, Mr.Kurian says that this practice was inferred from the templates of trademark forms which were found on the computers of some of the Registry’s employees.

He has pointed out to members of the public that the processing of all applications has been completely automated, which means no application can be processed out of turn. He has cautioned all applicants and agents from being misled by touts in “collusion with some office staff”. In fact, a CBI probe has also been sought at the behest of Mr.Kurian. 

This notice, in a way, typifies Mr.Kurian's no-nonsense style of functioning. It is really sad that this gentleman will shortly vacate his post...Let’s hope his successor, whoever she/he may be, adheres to the standards set by Mr.Kurian. 

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