Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Breaking News: Supreme Court Sets Aside Revocation of Patent on Sunitinib?

The news is just rushing in about the Supreme Court proceedings in the Sunitinib matter. It appears that the Apex Court has set aside the order of revocation of the patent on Sunitinib.

Also, from what I am told, the Delhi High Court’s order restraining Cipla from marketing its drug too has been set aside.

I thank a good friend and well-wisher of the blog for sharing this information with me!

Readers may recall that in an earlier post, I had blogged on dismissal of Cipla’s appeal against the Single Judge’s order restraining Cipla from marketing its drug, without staying the revocation of the Sunitinib patent.

Let’s wait for the order of the Supreme Court to understand the reasons for setting aside the Sunitinib revocation, and for allowing Cipla to sell its drug.

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