Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Correction: Patent Agent Exam Rules Amended

Correction: I hadn't read Sub-Rule (2), but an alert well-wisher of the blog has just pointed out my blunder. The amended post reads as follows:

In a gazette notification dated September 25, 2012, the Government of India has notified the amendment to the Patent Rules which apply to Patent Agent Examination. The Sub-rule (2) of Rule 110 has been amended to bring down the marks in viva from 100 to 50, thereby bringing down the total score to 250, as opposed to the earlier figure of 300.

The amended sub-rule (3) of Rule 110 reads as follows:

(3) A candidate shall be required to secure a minimum of fifty marks in Paper I and Paper II and shall be declared to have passed the examination only, if he obtains an aggregate of sixty percent of the total marks.

By the amendment, the effect of viva voce has been reduced.

I thank Ms.Disha Jeswani, the topper of the 2010 Patent Agent Examination, for sharing this information with me!

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